Webinar: energy efficient biocomputing 03 September 11:00

Webinar: €5,000 Prize For Novel Biocomputing Ideas

Date: 24 September 2019, 11:00 CEST

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Are you a researcher in the biocomputing field? Get recognised for your work and learn more about the €5,000 Bio4Comp Open Innovation Award in our webinar on 24 Sept. 2019, 11:00-12:15 CEST.

The event is being organised under the umbrella of the Future Tech Week by Bio4Comp, the European Commission-funded project that seeks to advance the nascent field of biocomputing - the realisation of which will produce computers that are faster and vastly consume less energy or resources! 

During the webinar, we will unveil the 2nd Call for Applications, the new topic and the mechanics of the awarding where the new winning idea will win €5,000.

The webinar will also announce the winner of the first round who will present their winning idea which addressed “Encoding and decoding of information from cytoskeletal filaments for parallel computing”

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Who should attend

  • Experts working on the visualisation or graphical representation of mathematical algorithms
  • Computer scientists with an interest in alternative computing and emerging technologies
  • Engineers and scientists working in biocomputing
  • People with an interest in bioinformatics

Why attend

  • Learn about the topic for the 2nd Call for Applications - “Design and Visualization of Network Based Biocomputation (NBC) Algorithms. The Bio4Comp project is working to scale-up Network Based Biocomputation, a method that uses parallel biological agents to compute and solve difficult problems. The competition for the new prize asks for new algorithmic designs that can be realized with NBC and visualization methods and code that can help study the behavior of NBC designs or demonstrate to a non-expert audience the ideas behind NBC.
  • Understand the mechanics of the award and how to join
  • See who won the 1st Call and their winning idea as well as the runners-up
  • Find out about the latest innovations in biocomputing, particularly the very promising parallel network-based biocomputation



Introduction to the Bio4Comp Open Innovation Award

Heiner Linke, Prof of Nanophysics Lund University, Sweden and Coordinator of Bio4Comp


Announcement of the 1st Bio4Comp Open Innovation Award Winner, and presentation of the runners-up

Danny Reuter, Microtechnology researcher, Fraunhofer-ENAS, Chemnitz, Germany

and chairman of the jury


The Winning Idea: Colorimetric path tagging of laments using DNA-based meta fluorophores

Adam Micolich, Prof of Nanoelectronics, UNSW


2nd Call for Ideas: “Design and Visualisation of NBC algorithms”

Topic, Mechanics, and How to Join

Hillel Kugler, Faculty of Engineering at Bar-Ilan University, Israel



Moderated by: Heiner Linke

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About: Bio4Comp is a project supported by the EU's Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Horizon 2020 programme with an international team of researchers and technologists that are working together to run Bio4Comp interdisciplinary research project touching mathematics, biology, engineering and computation.