Biocomputaiton. low energy logic operations, alternative use of biomolecules, software, algorithms, nanotechnology

Bio4Comp Community

At the Bio4Comp community’s heart is the core consortium that work to produce tangible contributions to the development of biocomputing in general. Associated Partners are key organisations that contribute to the work of the core consortium while the Biocomputing Network are external to the project but have an interest in Bio4Comp’s outputs and biocomputing in general.

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Biocomputing Network

If you’re working on biocomputing or have a keen interest in developments in this area, then engage with us now! Opportunities for grants, webinars and events.

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Bio4Comp Core Consortium Members

See who’s behind Bio4Comp in working towards the realization of parallel network-based biocomputing.

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Bio4Comp Associated Partners

Understand key contributors to Bio4comp’s work.