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On 7th June 2019, Frida Lindberg defended her doctoral thesis in front of an international committee of examiners and opponent Dr. Mihai Irimia-Vladu from Joanneum Research in Austria. "The energy efficient computing of the biological molecules is an important contribution to sustainable chip technology." said Dr. Irimia-Vladu during his overview talk.  

Two important techological developments form the cornerstones of Frida Lindberg's doctoral thesis:

  • the surface chemistry of the devices, which is altered in order to enable re-use and
  • a more efficient fabrication method


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Photo: Ines Escherich



SMART>SOS is a video and sound installation revealing the new paradigm of computation based on the research performed in Bio4Comp. Follow the realization of this exciting artwork at imachination projects.


This co-production with the artist Tim Otto Roth was possible thanks to the VERTIGO-project. This initiative facilitates cooperation between artists and research projects within information and computation technologies. The proposal SMART>SOS by Tim Otto Roth has been selected by an international jury of experts for cooperation with Bio4Comp.


The addition of sound and the use of the Bio4Comp technology in an artistic  way adds a new dimension to biocomputation which makes the computational processes visually and acoustically tangible. The work with the artist during phase one of the project, inspired the researchers to new insights.


The walkable light and sound installation “SMART>SOS” was shown during the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of Bio4Comp partner Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems (ENAS) in Chemnitz on October 17, 2018. The event was held at the Event and Conference Site “Kraftverkehr”, a former repair hall for public transportation with the largest free-standing roof of all industrial buildings in East Germany. Roughly 300 guests followed the invitation to this event, amongst them the Prime Minister of Saxony (Michael Kretschmer), the Lord Mayor of Chemnitz (Barbara Ludwig), and the President of the Fraunhofer Society (Prof. Reimund Neugebauer).


„SMART>SOS” was part of the exhibition “Fraunhofer and Arts”

which was shown during the celebration in the entrance part

of the Conference Hall.


The picture shows guests of the event gathering under the

loudspeakers of the SMART>SOS installation. A video

recorded through fluorescence microscopy imaging shows

molecular agents travelling a real (artistic, yet working)

biocomputation network made on nanopatterned and

functionalized microfluidic substrates; it is projected onto

the floor of the Conference Hall.



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